Australian Asia Capital Management Pty Ltd ("AACM")  is the Investment Manager of the AAC Fund.

AACM is a specialist company that has been established to invest in both direct and indirect investments in Real Estate, Cash and Government Bonds by the Fund.

AACM’s Directors will be actively engaged in the day-to-day running of AACM with AACM appointed as a Corporate Authorised Representative of the Trustee.
The Australia Asia Capital Fund has been established to undertake direct and indirect investment in Real Estate, Cash and Government Bonds. The principal objective of the Fund is, firstly, to preserve the capital invested and, secondly, to generate an attractive return for the Investors by investing in a range of asset classes.

The Manager and Trustee are targeting a minimum capital raising for the Fund of AUD50,000,000 and a maximum capital raising for the Fund of....
AACM is pleased to announce the first investment by Australia Asia Capital Fund in Radius Box Hill in October 2014.